Tools required: Hammer, Screws, Spirit Level, String Line, and Stakes.

  1. Using a string line for the FinnJoint, hammer in the star pickets below the hight of the FinnJoint.
  2. Use a 25×50 pine timber block and screw the star picket through the block into the PVC.
  3. Use a level on top of the FinnJoint and insert timber wedges if needed to achieve level.
  4. Slide the dowel sleeves with screws in the sleeves to their pre marked position and screw into the PVC
  5. Slide the Aluminium side anchors to their marked positions and insert steel dowels.. eg 150 from each end and the others at 300 centres.
  6. Once this side is poured remove stakes, blocks and slide anchors at 300 centers.

NOTE: In the initial setup, set the FJ25S with a dumpy level approx 2mm higher than required. Then before pouring hammer the stakes down to the correct level using a dumpy and a sprite level.


It is recommended that adequate support is used when constructing the FinnJoint divider plate to prevent distortion of the FinnJoint™ FJ25S.


As above but for all Forming Intersections always use a soft cut to standard lengths of FinnJoint where they form an intersection to allow the joint to open correctly on all sides of the T or + intersections. If small lengths of FinnJoint™ are used must have a minimum of 2 side anchors on each side.


The slab size and joint spacing should be determined by an engineer. The FinnJoint™ FJ25S is designed to accept up to 25mm shrinkage.

We do not accept any liability directly or indirectly for any losses suffered from the use of this product regardless of any advice, specifications or information given in this document. This information is current at time of printing and may change without notice.